We understand that choosing a Personal Trainer is a big commitment, both parties have to be able to work together with confidence and trust in order for there to be success. There also needs to be a little humour along the way but accountability at the same time. 
Below we have listed some questions about our Personal Training and Exercise Class services that could be on your mind waiting to be answered. If we have still not answered you questions please go to our contact us with your questions. 
What is a personal trainer and how can using a personal trainer achieve your goal? 
Whether you want to lose weight, train for a event or simply get fit, using a Impact Training personal trainer will help you achieve your goals, without causing you pain or injury. A good personal trainer has a background in health & fitness and more often than not has specialised in one or two areas of the industry. At Impact Training the trainers also have a background in kinesiology. 
In addition, a good personal trainer will be a good listener, a great motivator and someone that you can build a trusting relationship with. So, if your goal is to get into your wedding dress or your summer dress in a few months' time, we take that anxiety on board and make sure your exercise plan is goal-orientated and achievable. 
How do your training plans work? 
After an initial consultation, we arrange a first session where we assess your fitness, taking measurements, weight and blood pressure. We look at your posture and discuss nutrition, we then do an hour's workout. Following this, we go away and tailor-make a programme to fit your needs and budget. And we find out what are your likes and dislikes. 
Do you charge for advice over the phone or email? 
No Impact Training gives free advice so that you'll always say on top and informed of your training. So pop us an email, drop us a text or give us a call and we will get back to you 
I work out but I'm not getting results! Why not? 
The idea of a workout is not to over-exert yourself by doing too much without knowing your own body, because if your body and mind are not ready for the result, you won't get one. 
People often go to the gym and do fast running or short training, they don't care about training intensity, time, repetition and body positioning, they don't take care about their nutrition after going to the gym and think they can eat whatever they like and end up putting on some extra weight. 
Make sure while you are training you are on the right track, that you aren't pushing yourself too hard or not at all, take care of your posture in your daily routine, when you're walking, sitting or standing, you will get results in a short period of time and stay fit forever. 
What happens if I can't make an appointment? 
It is standard for a client to give a client to give their trainer at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, so that the session has the potential to be reallocated. Failure to give this period of notice would incur the cost of the session, unless there's a valid reason. 
What equipment do I need? 
The only equipment a client would need is suitable clothing and footwear. Clothes that restrict movement may not be suitable for the range of activity within a session. The trainer will provide all other equipment for the session. 
Which areas does Impact Training cover? 
Generally we cover Preston, Longridge, Penwortham, Garstang, Leyland, Kirkham, Bamber Bridge, Longton, Lostock Hall & Broughton 
We do also cover out of Preston for an extra cost of £10 per session. Blackburn, Bolton, Fleetwood & Chorley. 
I don't like working out in the gym, what alternative do I have? 
A lot of people don’t like working out in the gym for varying reasons. In these circumstances Impact Training specialises in doing personal training session in the comfort of the clients' home. A lot of sessions take place within the clients' local outdoor environment; sessions can take place in the local park for example. 
The Consultation is an hour with a Impact Personal Trainer in a place which is comfortable for you, to talk about your training goals, targets and your lifestyle to make and offer you a bespoke training programme. 
One to One Personal Training 
Is a one to one personal training session with a impact personal trainer, it's an 1 hour long session based on your goals and targets. Sessions can take place in the comfort or your home, in the local parks and areas of Preston and surrounding areas. 
In our one to one personal training sessions we use all different training initiatives like the TRX®, Battle Ropes, Kettle bells, H.I.I.T, resistance bands, weights and functional training equipment to help you achieve your goals and targets what ever the maybe (weight loss, improved fitness, increase muscle size, training for a event). And to achieve your goals whilst your having fun. 
Fitness Testing 
Our Fitness tests are a great way to find out where you are and where you need to be. We do weight, height, blood pleasure, BMI, body fat %, muscle mass, muscular strength and endurance. And all of these tests are done in the comfort of your home. 
Fitness Testing is also an important component of realistic goal setting and programme design. 
Nutrition Planning & Advice 
We can offer you quality nutritional advice from an Impact personal training. 
We do this by asking you to complete a 3 day food dairy. From there we will evaluate it and tell/show you how you can make small steps and changes to make your diet better. 
In return your goals of weight loss, muscle gains, improved fitness or preparation for a event/sport will become more successful. 
Group Personal Training Session 
Is a group personal training session with a impact personaltrainer, it's an 1 hour long session based on your goals andtargets. Sessions can take place in the comfort or your home,in the local parks and areas of Preston or in our private gymwhich is also based in Preston. 
In group personal training sessions we use all differenttraining initiatives like the TRX®, Battle Ropes, Kettle bells,H.I.I.T, resistance bands, weights and functional trainingequipment to help you achieve your goals and targets whatever the maybe (weight loss, improved fitness, increasemuscle size, training for a event). And to achieve your goalswhilst your having fun. 
Part of our group personal training sessions we do offergroup based exercises like Circuit Training, Boxercise, Kettlercise, Boot Camps, Running Groups, Metafit® and Kettle bells. 
What is the break down costs of your services? 
Below here's the break down and the costs of all of our services that we provide: 
60 minutes 
1-2-1 PT Session 
45-60 minutes 
Fitness Test 
45-90 minutes 
Programme Design 
From £30 
Nutrition Planning & Advice 
From £20 
Group PT Session 
Still No Answers please email or ring 07921297467 
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